R.I.P Grandma 12-March-2006


Lucia Modestino
12 March 2013

Belated Eulogy

I have waited
seven long years
for this belated
rhyme and tears.
No more wet smears
that smudge my face
and cloud my vision.

I remember that day
like no other,
I lied to be with a boy
who ended up
loving another.
You laid there
and moved your lips,
to give me a kiss
and what you said,
before I left you dead–
I can only guess

Some say, you
would be disappointed
in the person who
I have become.
I am sorry for
what I had said,
and what I had done
unknowingly against you,
but love for me–
was there none?
I only sought for
your approval,
only to think
in your heart
I was the removal

Others have told me
you would be proud
of who I am today
the things I do
are almost like you.
your cookies and bread
are imbedded in my head
and I pretend your
next to me
with your hands
in the batter
as I make things matter.
I fight
for a life
I believe is right
the way I saw you do.
I’ll never give up on
each physical strife
because it’s the way
I learned from you.

Please forgive, and
be proud of who
I have become.
You helped me
find my way.
From the song you hum,
I always know what
you would say.
You know I’ll be strong
the way you were,
and you know
I wont stop
even if I’m wrong
to reach for
the stars
the way you
would want
me to.

I love and miss you Grandma
R.I.P 12 March 2006




By:Lucia Modestino

She walks through the cemetery,
wind blowing around her hair,
smell of smoke fills the air.

A wolf howls at the moon’s pale blue light,
shrieking sounds surround her,
there’s a skeleton laying to her right.

She turns her head to the ground,
a chill runs down her spine,
she sees blood, color of red wine.

In the night’s dark sky,
she looks up
to see ravens fly.

Cold air fills the night
giving a sense of fright.

she walks through the cemetery.

Happy Halloween


Halloween Night
Lucia Modestino

This is the night
Where ghosts and ghouls
Come out to give a fright,
Witches fly on broom-
Sticks, over the full moon
As the wolf man howls
And Dracula opens his tomb
In search for his pray.
The jack-lantern is lit
To keep evil at bay
And the headless horsemen
Looking for his head
Ran into Frankenstein
Who ripped off his fingers of ten.

So lets run and hide,
The devil is out
Stealing souls of who lives
And who has died
As the black cat
Protects us
Of the evil that dwells inside.

Póg Mo Thóin: Kiss my Ass


In the wicked wolf pub
down in Blackrock, Ireland
there was an old Irish man
only on his tenth beer.
Lonely as he seemed
I felt.

I sat next to him
as he offered me a beer.
“Aye mate!
Let me tell you what!”
His eyes were see-through blue,
his pupils were dilated.
“People be cheeky bloody blokes
your whole life.
They’ll put you down mate,
tell you that you will never
get the chance to do what you love–”

he took a big gulp of beer,
“never give up what you love mate.
Not even if there is a geis* on ya,
look at Cu Chullen*,
who came back from the
flames of hell and regained his
glory, he never let one his geasa*
stop him. If some bloody bloke
puts you down there are three
words you should live by–”

the now drunken Irishman’s head
flopped down on the bar,
as I sat there thinking about
how much sense he had made
until the end. My thoughts were
interrupted as his head lifted up.
He raised his glass in the air and
yelled out,

“Póg Mo Thóin!”*

Lucia Modestino

*Geis: (Ge-sh) Curse- only gods/goddess, druids, father to a son and all women could place a geis
*Ch Cullen: Irish god; like the Greek Achilles
*Geasa: plural for Geis
*Póg Mo Thóin: (pog-mo-ho)




By Lucia Modestino

I stand before you all
with this noose tied around my neck,
accused of witchcraft.
It was said I caused a pinch here,
a scratch there,
dreams of me dancing naked
in the fields with the devil
as I sold my soul.

I am condemned to death
for thy false accusations.
I will not be the one to suffer
the flames of hell for witchery,
it shall be those who accuse the innocent:
women who died in prison from neglect,
women who faced and shall face the gallows
before and after me,
and for poor Giles Corey,
whom thou smashed with boulders
as he was forced to leave behind a wife and daughter.

Thou art all the true witches
for there is no greater evil
than murder, the real devil’s work.

My Nightmare


This is a continuation from The Beginning 

Devil’s Fiancé

Lucia Modestino
Feb. 2, 2012- May 10, 2012

They called him Luke
He was handsome as could be,
Dressed up beautifully to a tea-
He was perfect toe to head
His horns were glowing red.
His eyes were so kind,
Yet they were very hard to find-
There were some tricks up his sleeve,
Yet he beckoned me to never leave.

He wore a black and red pined-striped suit
With a raven tie,
There was a soothing sense of fright
As he told me he would never lie.

This devilishly handsome man held out his hand
And foolishly I took it,
At that moment I felt a sudden hit.
He brought me to his underworld
As a thought to do his evil bidding,
“but first!” he said “you must go for your fitting.”
He held out his hand
Said he would show me the way,
In the air was smoke
And on the ground clumps of clay.

Farther and farther down I was brought
There they all were his demon minions,
just as I had thought-
He told them all to gather around in a gentle shout,
“Come my dear friends, she is the one I have been telling you about!”
He pulled me closer before he spoke and whispered,
“There you see,
We’re not as bad as people make us out to be.”

Down on one knee he grabbed my left hand,
Looked into my eyes,
There I saw was no disguise.
His proposal was horrifically beautiful
Not one note out of key,
Not one thing missed to see.
“My darling I love you,
No matter what it is true.
You have my heart,
And though I may despise Him,
I pray to God you never tear it apart.
My dearest love please say you’ll be my bride,
I’ll be true to you till the end of days
And I will change my evil ways.”

There was a pause for a moment,
All waiting for a reply.
He smiled and let his fangs show through,
His eyes staring up at me so very green with a tinge of blue.
“My dearest Luke” I said
“I have loved you for many years
You lied and disappeared,
caused me nothing but tears,
I loved you for so long
Even when you left and were gone.”
I took my hand and touched his perfect face,
My good-byes were said,
But I knew this wasn’t the end.

He will find me again some day
I was meant for him,
no one other,
Not even if there were another,
I will run,
Till it is done
I am his forever,
His evil love.