R.I.P Grandma 12-March-2006


Lucia Modestino
12 March 2013

Belated Eulogy

I have waited
seven long years
for this belated
rhyme and tears.
No more wet smears
that smudge my face
and cloud my vision.

I remember that day
like no other,
I lied to be with a boy
who ended up
loving another.
You laid there
and moved your lips,
to give me a kiss
and what you said,
before I left you dead–
I can only guess

Some say, you
would be disappointed
in the person who
I have become.
I am sorry for
what I had said,
and what I had done
unknowingly against you,
but love for me–
was there none?
I only sought for
your approval,
only to think
in your heart
I was the removal

Others have told me
you would be proud
of who I am today
the things I do
are almost like you.
your cookies and bread
are imbedded in my head
and I pretend your
next to me
with your hands
in the batter
as I make things matter.
I fight
for a life
I believe is right
the way I saw you do.
I’ll never give up on
each physical strife
because it’s the way
I learned from you.

Please forgive, and
be proud of who
I have become.
You helped me
find my way.
From the song you hum,
I always know what
you would say.
You know I’ll be strong
the way you were,
and you know
I wont stop
even if I’m wrong
to reach for
the stars
the way you
would want
me to.

I love and miss you Grandma
R.I.P 12 March 2006