Happy Halloween

Halloween Night
Lucia Modestino

This is the night
Where ghosts and ghouls
Come out to give a fright,
Witches fly on broom-
Sticks, over the full moon
As the wolf man howls
And Dracula opens his tomb
In search for his pray.
The jack-lantern is lit
To keep evil at bay
And the headless horsemen
Looking for his head
Ran into Frankenstein
Who ripped off his fingers of ten.

So lets run and hide,
The devil is out
Stealing souls of who lives
And who has died
As the black cat
Protects us
Of the evil that dwells inside.


One thought on “Happy Halloween

  1. I’d like to pass on an award to you. It’s the reader appreciation award. I can’t leave a link because it gets deleted, but if you visit the Trophies and Stuff tab on my page, you’ll find it toward the bottom. Do what you like with it, just wanted to say thanks!

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