The Beginning

The Beginning

By:Lucia Modestino

I look in the mirror,
what do I see?
I’m wearing a wedding dress,
it’s as black as can be.
My tan skin turned to pale white,
in flies a raven,
it’s as black as the night.
“Carriage is here, carriage is here!”
The dark bird squawked,
deep down I felt a sudden fear.
There’s a knock at the door,
a young man opens it,
” your ride my lady and you’re beautiful as ever.”
He walks me outside,
helps me in the carriage,
“hold tight my lady, this is going to be a bumpy ride.”
The carriage comes to a sudden halt,
Out held the young man’s hand,
He walks me down like a lighting bolt.
We walk down the aisle,
in my hand there’s a dozen plus one black roses,
there he is waiting with a smile.
The raven takes my roses and flies away,
as the young man takes my hand to give it to him,
I look around, we’re surrounded by pumpkins and hay.
Noticing my distraction, he touches my face,
” you’re beautiful my dear,
and I love you in that dress of black lace.”
I see his beautiful face for what seems to be the first time,
his hair black as the roses, eyes glowing green,
his features are as beautiful as a rhyme.

…to be continued…


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