My Nightmare

This is a continuation from The Beginning 

Devil’s Fiancé

Lucia Modestino
Feb. 2, 2012- May 10, 2012

They called him Luke
He was handsome as could be,
Dressed up beautifully to a tea-
He was perfect toe to head
His horns were glowing red.
His eyes were so kind,
Yet they were very hard to find-
There were some tricks up his sleeve,
Yet he beckoned me to never leave.

He wore a black and red pined-striped suit
With a raven tie,
There was a soothing sense of fright
As he told me he would never lie.

This devilishly handsome man held out his hand
And foolishly I took it,
At that moment I felt a sudden hit.
He brought me to his underworld
As a thought to do his evil bidding,
“but first!” he said “you must go for your fitting.”
He held out his hand
Said he would show me the way,
In the air was smoke
And on the ground clumps of clay.

Farther and farther down I was brought
There they all were his demon minions,
just as I had thought-
He told them all to gather around in a gentle shout,
“Come my dear friends, she is the one I have been telling you about!”
He pulled me closer before he spoke and whispered,
“There you see,
We’re not as bad as people make us out to be.”

Down on one knee he grabbed my left hand,
Looked into my eyes,
There I saw was no disguise.
His proposal was horrifically beautiful
Not one note out of key,
Not one thing missed to see.
“My darling I love you,
No matter what it is true.
You have my heart,
And though I may despise Him,
I pray to God you never tear it apart.
My dearest love please say you’ll be my bride,
I’ll be true to you till the end of days
And I will change my evil ways.”

There was a pause for a moment,
All waiting for a reply.
He smiled and let his fangs show through,
His eyes staring up at me so very green with a tinge of blue.
“My dearest Luke” I said
“I have loved you for many years
You lied and disappeared,
caused me nothing but tears,
I loved you for so long
Even when you left and were gone.”
I took my hand and touched his perfect face,
My good-byes were said,
But I knew this wasn’t the end.

He will find me again some day
I was meant for him,
no one other,
Not even if there were another,
I will run,
Till it is done
I am his forever,
His evil love.



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