Ever thought the moon was evil?

Evil Moon
by: Lucia Modestino
I can only sit here moronically,
not being able to stare away
from visions of the three ugly
faces in the moon tonight. Clowns,
so evil that not even you
see them. Their lips scream go!

Reality is so far away.
I can smell that ugly
smell of smoke. Its clowns
that make me insane! Go
back I feel so moronic,
it wants me not you.

WOW! It’s freakishly ugly.
Frog from woman, moronically
morphs and then goes.
I know that you
can guess the clown
is not far away.

There’s the clown,
not for you!
Frightened? How moronic.
No not away,
please don’t go!
Its ridiculously ugly.

Don’t go,
its clowns.
Not you,
he’s ugly.
Stay away,
moons moronic.



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