R.I.P Grandma 12-March-2006


Lucia Modestino
12 March 2013

Belated Eulogy

I have waited
seven long years
for this belated
rhyme and tears.
No more wet smears
that smudge my face
and cloud my vision.

I remember that day
like no other,
I lied to be with a boy
who ended up
loving another.
You laid there
and moved your lips,
to give me a kiss
and what you said,
before I left you dead–
I can only guess

Some say, you
would be disappointed
in the person who
I have become.
I am sorry for
what I had said,
and what I had done
unknowingly against you,
but love for me–
was there none?
I only sought for
your approval,
only to think
in your heart
I was the removal

Others have told me
you would be proud
of who I am today
the things I do
are almost like you.
your cookies and bread
are imbedded in my head
and I pretend your
next to me
with your hands
in the batter
as I make things matter.
I fight
for a life
I believe is right
the way I saw you do.
I’ll never give up on
each physical strife
because it’s the way
I learned from you.

Please forgive, and
be proud of who
I have become.
You helped me
find my way.
From the song you hum,
I always know what
you would say.
You know I’ll be strong
the way you were,
and you know
I wont stop
even if I’m wrong
to reach for
the stars
the way you
would want
me to.

I love and miss you Grandma
R.I.P 12 March 2006

End of the world?? I think not…





Now I am sure that all of us has heard about the Pope resigning, well I’m sure that the whole world heard about it. I am not going to start bashing the Pope or state whether or not I agree, but what I will ask is what’s up with all these “end of the world” predictions? First it was that whack job who said the end was coming on October 21st (whatever year), then when it didn’t happen he said the 21st was the beginning and the end was another date… yea, sure, OK, we all believe you. Then there was the Mayan calendar and Nostradamus, that the end was December 21, 2012. As you can see we are all still here. I don’t think Nostradamus gave an exact date, but he did give some pretty accurate predictions. Now we have St. Malachy’s predictions about all the popes,  he said  there would be only 112 more popes, here is the English and Latin  translations:

“In ſecutione extre- ma S.R.E. ſedebit. Petrus Romanus, qui paſcet oues in multis tribulationibus: quibus tranſactis ciuitas ſepticollis diruetur, & Iudex tre mẽdus iudicabit po pulum ſuum. Finis.”

“In the extreme persecution of the Holy Roman Church, there will sit [i.e., as bishop].
Peter the Roman, who will pasture his sheep in many tribulations:
and when these things are finished, the city of seven hills will be destroyed,
and the terrible judge will judge his people.
The End.”

People can make come up with their own opinions on what this exactly means… my opinion is this… Are ya’ll ready to hear this? (That’s right I said ya’ll). My opinion is that we need to stop caring when the world is going to end. Everyone is so wound up on not only the end of the world but the future also. We need to stop worrying so much.  Life is way too short to worry about anything, for all we know there will be no tomorrow, shoot, you might not make it to the next word, I might not even live to the next word I’m suppose to type. We don’t know when our time is up, so why not live our life the way God, Zeus, Lugh (Irish version of Zeus),Odin, Jupiter, spaghetti god or whatever the heck you believe in, intended us to live.

Now I’m not saying there is nothing in the future you should prepare for… there are things they everyone should prepare for, like save some money encase you live to see tomorrow and you need it; things like that are good to prepare for the future. We shouldn’t be fanatics and stock up all this crap encase the world ends…hey if the world ends you probably wont need that stuff anyways.

As for Pope Benedict XVI, I really do wish him well and hope that he made the right decision for himself.

Hope you all survive and watch out for the spaghetti god, I heard he turns people into meatballs.

GOD-FlyingSpaghettiMonster copy

No Job? Yeah? Me Too



I have not been able to post anything for a while because of some terrible writer’s block and the help of some sever depression of not being able to find a job. Now I realize that future potential employers will be reading this, and that is A-O-K with me. I have been told repeatedly by employers, “Your resume is impressive but you do not have enough experience”, or “Though I enjoy reading your writing, you do not have enough experience.” OK,  I have had enough of the “not enough experience”; at the rate I’m going I will have no experience the rest of my life. I understand completely that employers want people with experience, but how is anyone suppose to gain this experience if no one gives them a chance? I was once told that it was better if someone didn’t have the experience, this way they didn’t have any bad habits, and the employer could mold them into what they wanted, well I say to that person….that my dear sir is Sheerest sophistry! Employers want you already molded with bad habits from previous employers.

I went to see a career adviser this week… and why do students go to career advisers??? Is it A.) Seek help finding a job B.) Find someone to tell them they are never going to find anything C.) Tell you Count Dracula is going to sneak in your room tonight and suck your blood, or is it D.) Both A and C? As much as I would love the answer to be A or D, the correct answer is B. Yeah that’s right, the reason why students go to career advisers as I found out today is to be told, “Well your getting your B.A in English and will be graduating at the end of this semester, but because you will be graduating you wont be able to find an internship, because most companies want interns still in school.” Then she continued to say that my best bet was to go on LinkedIn.com … Oh, wow! Thank you so much, I could have paid my mom to tell me I wasn’t going anywhere in life, thank you so much for the confidence. I want to know why schools put out these majors, have students pick them make them think they will have some sort of chance finding some sort of job, when apparently it is not true. I guess I missed the part where schools could care less about your future; they just want your money.

Now I know what everyone is thinking, “Well why would you pick English as your major, what could you possibly do with that?” My answer to that is; I picked English because I love creative writing, and when I was going to school they did not have Creative writing as a major till after I was almost done, also I love reading mythologies and learning where they come from, heck I love reading in general. When I decided to be an English Lit major, in the back of my mind I thought I would be able to find a job because all my professors gave me lists of employers that were hiring English majors. In addition, I want to be a professor one day, but it would be nice to have a job while I go to Grad school. I also realize that the only real job I had was working at a hair salon for the past 6 1/2 years, it did not work out because though I enjoyed doing hair, it was not my passion. I still have poems and stories that I wrote from 10 years old, writing is my passion, if it were not for my Sicilian Mother telling me to go to beauty school from the age 7, and because every Sicilian and their brother is a hairdresser I would have never done it. For once, I want to do what I want in life, and that is to be a writer and to be a professor (for mythology and creative writing.)

My point to this little rant of mine is not to beg someone to hire me, I want someone to see my potential and talent, and I do not want to be hired based on pity. What I am saying is that it would be nice if employers looked at an inexperienced candidate that they really like. If you really like a candidate and see potential, why not give them a chance, and give them the experience they need and deserve. Everyone says that you have to go through 300 rejections before you get an acceptance, why not be the 301, the one person that says, “I really like this person, I see them as a potential good employee, let me see what they’re made of.”

With that all said, have a wonderful day and may Zombies not eat your brains this coming up Zombie apocalypse.





When Zombies Attack
Lucia Modestino

In the past few years I have noticed that zombie popularity has increased significantly, maybe due to the fact that “the end of the world is coming”, and “December 2012 is almost near”. Supposedly this means people will be coming out of the graves, having a severe hunger for mortal brains.
One of my friends has recently told me of an apartment she found, everything about the apartment sounded amazing except for a teeny tiny little flaw. The apartment review said that the balconies were easy to shimmy up, thus it was not the best place to be during a zombie attack. When she told me this I thought to myself, “How could zombies even shimmy up anything?” and “Oh great now I have to worry about finding a place to live that’s zombie proof, where in the world will I find that?” It is not enough that I have the stress of school and trying to find a job, now I have to worry about finding a zombie proof house. Finding such house would be impossible unless I build a place in a tree (but according to the apartment review I have to worry about zombies shimming up my tree), or pull a Sandy Cheeks and live at the bottom of the ocean, hopefully not to far from a pineapple.
How many of us has ever thought how would we survive a zombie attack, there would be no internet to allow us to pull out our smart phones and Google it. Thanks to T.V and videogames our brains’ are so filled with junk that I am sure we can pick out ways to kill zombies. I am sure you are all sitting there saying, “But you can’t kill zombies because they’re already dead.” Well fret not my fellow future zombie destroyers I will share my secret. Now if you have been playing Plants VS Zombies like I have, you will know that all you need are plants that shoot out peas, a Venus fly trap that eats zombies (so a Venus Zombie trap) and a “squash zombie” that literally squishes zombies. If you do not have these special plants on hand, I would suggest you start to play Resident Evil and watch “The Walking Dead” and you will figure out how to kill a zombie like you were born to do it.
Now if you are too lazy to play video games or watch T.V, or feel that you are too smart to be wasting your brain cells (which the zombies would not appreciate), then what you should do is go to the shooting range and start shooting. Number one way to permanently destroy a zombie (notice I said destroy and not kill) is to shoot their heads off. I would recommend however to not just practice shooting, you should also practice throwing knives and using an ax. A good movie to watch that demonstrates how to properly use an ax is “Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter”, yes, Lincoln uses his ax to cut heads off vampires, but you could also use it for zombies.
So the real question is… are these brain hungry monster real? WELL OF COURSE THEY ARE! They would not make movies, T.V shows, and video games about them if they were fiction. I do however have a theory, I believe that instead of being the zombies we have all grown to know and love; those brain dead creatures with their arms stretched out and eating the first person that comes into sight, I believe that considering they are still able to walk and eat, they also can talk and decide who’s brain they prefer. If vampires are supposedly dead and brought back to life and they can have intelligent conversations, then who is to say zombies cannot. Therefore, we can all start to practice our shooting skills and throwing knives, or we can learn to prepare brain cuisines and become friends instead of enemies with the beloved zombies.



By:Lucia Modestino

She walks through the cemetery,
wind blowing around her hair,
smell of smoke fills the air.

A wolf howls at the moon’s pale blue light,
shrieking sounds surround her,
there’s a skeleton laying to her right.

She turns her head to the ground,
a chill runs down her spine,
she sees blood, color of red wine.

In the night’s dark sky,
she looks up
to see ravens fly.

Cold air fills the night
giving a sense of fright.

she walks through the cemetery.

Happy Halloween


Halloween Night
Lucia Modestino

This is the night
Where ghosts and ghouls
Come out to give a fright,
Witches fly on broom-
Sticks, over the full moon
As the wolf man howls
And Dracula opens his tomb
In search for his pray.
The jack-lantern is lit
To keep evil at bay
And the headless horsemen
Looking for his head
Ran into Frankenstein
Who ripped off his fingers of ten.

So lets run and hide,
The devil is out
Stealing souls of who lives
And who has died
As the black cat
Protects us
Of the evil that dwells inside.

Póg Mo Thóin: Kiss my Ass


In the wicked wolf pub
down in Blackrock, Ireland
there was an old Irish man
only on his tenth beer.
Lonely as he seemed
I felt.

I sat next to him
as he offered me a beer.
“Aye mate!
Let me tell you what!”
His eyes were see-through blue,
his pupils were dilated.
“People be cheeky bloody blokes
your whole life.
They’ll put you down mate,
tell you that you will never
get the chance to do what you love–”

he took a big gulp of beer,
“never give up what you love mate.
Not even if there is a geis* on ya,
look at Cu Chullen*,
who came back from the
flames of hell and regained his
glory, he never let one his geasa*
stop him. If some bloody bloke
puts you down there are three
words you should live by–”

the now drunken Irishman’s head
flopped down on the bar,
as I sat there thinking about
how much sense he had made
until the end. My thoughts were
interrupted as his head lifted up.
He raised his glass in the air and
yelled out,

“Póg Mo Thóin!”*

Lucia Modestino

*Geis: (Ge-sh) Curse- only gods/goddess, druids, father to a son and all women could place a geis
*Ch Cullen: Irish god; like the Greek Achilles
*Geasa: plural for Geis
*Póg Mo Thóin: (pog-mo-ho)




By Lucia Modestino

I stand before you all
with this noose tied around my neck,
accused of witchcraft.
It was said I caused a pinch here,
a scratch there,
dreams of me dancing naked
in the fields with the devil
as I sold my soul.

I am condemned to death
for thy false accusations.
I will not be the one to suffer
the flames of hell for witchery,
it shall be those who accuse the innocent:
women who died in prison from neglect,
women who faced and shall face the gallows
before and after me,
and for poor Giles Corey,
whom thou smashed with boulders
as he was forced to leave behind a wife and daughter.

Thou art all the true witches
for there is no greater evil
than murder, the real devil’s work.

My Nightmare


This is a continuation from The Beginning 

Devil’s Fiancé

Lucia Modestino
Feb. 2, 2012- May 10, 2012

They called him Luke
He was handsome as could be,
Dressed up beautifully to a tea-
He was perfect toe to head
His horns were glowing red.
His eyes were so kind,
Yet they were very hard to find-
There were some tricks up his sleeve,
Yet he beckoned me to never leave.

He wore a black and red pined-striped suit
With a raven tie,
There was a soothing sense of fright
As he told me he would never lie.

This devilishly handsome man held out his hand
And foolishly I took it,
At that moment I felt a sudden hit.
He brought me to his underworld
As a thought to do his evil bidding,
“but first!” he said “you must go for your fitting.”
He held out his hand
Said he would show me the way,
In the air was smoke
And on the ground clumps of clay.

Farther and farther down I was brought
There they all were his demon minions,
just as I had thought-
He told them all to gather around in a gentle shout,
“Come my dear friends, she is the one I have been telling you about!”
He pulled me closer before he spoke and whispered,
“There you see,
We’re not as bad as people make us out to be.”

Down on one knee he grabbed my left hand,
Looked into my eyes,
There I saw was no disguise.
His proposal was horrifically beautiful
Not one note out of key,
Not one thing missed to see.
“My darling I love you,
No matter what it is true.
You have my heart,
And though I may despise Him,
I pray to God you never tear it apart.
My dearest love please say you’ll be my bride,
I’ll be true to you till the end of days
And I will change my evil ways.”

There was a pause for a moment,
All waiting for a reply.
He smiled and let his fangs show through,
His eyes staring up at me so very green with a tinge of blue.
“My dearest Luke” I said
“I have loved you for many years
You lied and disappeared,
caused me nothing but tears,
I loved you for so long
Even when you left and were gone.”
I took my hand and touched his perfect face,
My good-byes were said,
But I knew this wasn’t the end.

He will find me again some day
I was meant for him,
no one other,
Not even if there were another,
I will run,
Till it is done
I am his forever,
His evil love.